Cisco Springs

  • The scope of the project includes the exploration and production of noble gases. Primary focus of this undertaking is to find and sell helium. The promising Cisco Field is located near one of the largest helium reservoirs in the USA (Harley Dome). At least 25 wells shall be drilled by mid-2021.

    We have already carried out many surveys and seismics, such as the magnetic changes from the air, examination of the earth's surface for radioactivity. Furthermore, 323 samples were taken from the earth's surface and examined with the gas chromatograph, which gave us promising results.

    Further surveys and seismics will be carried out at the end of January 2021.


    The Greater Cisco (short: Cisco) oil and gas reservoir part of a light oil and gas exploration area in Grand County, Utah. The area is in close proximity to a large helium production area, the Harley Dome (located to the north).

    Images of Cisco Springs 

    Our local operator - Running Foxes Petroleum (RFP)

    Running Foxes has been an oil and gas exploration company for 25 years. The company specializes in developing oil and gas projects in regulated areas with proven petroleum reserves. RFP is located near Denver, Colorado with operations in Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Montana. RFP has expertise in all aspects of petroleum operations and specializes in shale and coal gas with conventional petroleum targets.

    ​Videos with Dr. Steven Tedesco (President of RFP) onsite:

    January 2021

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